About Rekindle.

Growing up, one of my hobbies was collecting antique bottles. I became fascinated with bottles; their shapes, colors, condition, origin, etc. But most intriguing to me was the many uses of them, from ink containers, milk bottles, alcohol and various medicine bottles. Each bottle is unique in its own way and has its own story. 

Today, there are so many beautiful wine and spirit bottles.  When you enjoy and savor a wonderful bottle of wine or spirit, don't you want to keep 're-kindling' that warm feeling you originally had?  My interest turned to finding a way to reuse these bottles which led me to start Rekindle Candles. I learned to cut & sand, fill with premium fragrance Soy wax, all while preserving the original labels. Many now have tops which give the full bottle appearance and serve to extinguish the flame when your done burning the candle.

Allow your special moment or story to be Rekindled over and again!